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DIY Book Nook - Nifty Garden House

DIY Book Nook - Nifty Garden House

🎁 Perfect Gift For All Ages

🌳 Eco-friendly Certified Material

✨ Appealing and Magical Decoration

⏳ Encourages Learning, Patience and Concentration


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DIY Book Nook - Nifty Garden House

DIY Book Nook - Nifty Garden House

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Garden Lovers

Crafted with the love for DIY Kits, this kit invites you to fashion your miniature garden house, adorned with delicate transparent walls that dance with the play of light and shadow. Each flower and leaf, meticulously designed, awaits your artistic touch, turning every piece into a canvas for your creativity. Immerse yourself in the beauty of blossoms and create a serene haven that captures the essence of nature in every corner.

Made With Details

Embark on a journey of enchantment with our meticulously crafted book nooks, where every miniature masterpiece unveils a world of wonder. Immerse yourself in captivating and realistic settings that come to life with precision. Each scene tells its own unique story, inviting you to lose yourself in the magical allure of these beautifully designed book nooks. For the book nook lover in you, the possibilities for creativity are endless!

Elegant Decoration

Our extraordinary book nook is more than just a DIY project, it's a captivating haven for book lovers and craft enthusiasts alike.

Unleash your imagination and transform this charming corner into a story-rich spectacle that not only houses your favorite reads but also doubles as a striking piece of decor.

Picture this: each time you pluck a book from the shelf, you're not just grabbing a story – you're unveiling a piece of your own narrative, a testament to your creativity and love for literature. This book nook is more than a mere display; it's a conversation starter, a tangible expression of your unique personality that beckons everyone to explore the enchanting tales within.

Improves Creativity

Crafting your own book nook becomes a canvas for creativity, encouraging you to design and curate a miniature world that mirrors your imagination. The intricate process nurtures patience as you delicately assemble each element, transforming it into a labor of love. Once completed, the book nook stands not only as a testament to your creative prowess but also as a tranquil haven that invites moments of peaceful reflection, offering a serene escape in the midst of everyday chaos.

What Makes Us Special

Find out why you should choose for our Nifty Book Nooks.





For All Ages

Functional Lighting

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    176 Pieces

    Unleash your green thumb as you assemble and arrange each element, creating a vibrant and personalized garden masterpiece.

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    5-8+ Hours

    Get 5-8+ hours of joy as you assemble and cultivate your personalized green haven.

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    Your satisfaction is guaranteed! We stand by the quality and excellence of our offerings, ensuring you're 100% delighted with your purchase.

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    Answers to all your questions about our DIY Craft Kits!


    What does our Nifty DIY Craft Kits come with?

    Our DIY Craft Kits are comprehensive, providing you with all the necessary components for a fulfilling crafting experience. Each kit includes a detailed instruction guide, cutting tools, crafting papers, solid plywood sheets, and even lights to enhance your creation. Please note that, due to shipping restrictions, we are unable to include batteries for the lights and glue in the kit.

    For the best results, we recommend using a silicon-based glue for our craft projects. You can easily find such glue at a general store or an art and crafts store. If you have a preferred glue brand, feel free to choose it. Popular options like Gorilla Super Glue offer a stronger grip and faster drying time, enhancing the overall quality of your finished project.

    How long does it take to complete a DIY project?

    The time required to assemble our book nooks depends on individual preferences and approaches. Our design eliminates the need for coloring or painting, as the plywood pieces come pre-colored. Consequently, the primary activities involve gluing and pasting, streamlining the crafting process. On average, it takes approximately 3-6+ hours to complete the assembly.

    Nevertheless, we recognize that some customers prefer a more leisurely approach, choosing to dedicate their weekend to the project. This allows for a meticulous placement of each piece, fostering a collaborative and enjoyable experience when undertaken with friends or family. The flexibility in completion time caters to diverse preferences, ensuring a satisfying and engaging crafting experience for all.

    Is it suitable for beginners, and can it be gifted to anyone interested in trying DIY crafting?

    We diligently strive to ensure that our Nifty DIY Craft Kits are designed with simplicity and clarity in mind. Our primary focus is on delivering an exceptional experience to individuals exploring DIY crafting as a hobby or general activity. Remarkably, we have witnessed customers who had never ventured into crafting before successfully completing multiple kits – a testament to the accessibility of our offerings.

    These kits, making for unique and thoughtful gifts, serve as a gentle reminder to family members or friends to carve out some time for themselves. Engaging in these creative, immersive, and therapeutic crafting activities can be a rejuvenating experience, offering a welcome break from the routine of daily life.

    Are these DIY Kits suitable for children?

    The majority of our Nifty DIY Craft Kits are designed for children aged 10 and above. Nonetheless, we have received feedback from parents indicating that children in the 6-9 age group are also enjoying these kits with enthusiasm. It is advised, however, to supervise younger children during the crafting process. The success with younger age groups often hinges on how the kits are presented to them.

    Engaging in these activities under supervision not only ensures a positive crafting experience but also fosters meaningful connections. It has the potential to create lasting memories and may even spark the development of a cherished hobby for the children involved.

    Any other questions?

    Should you have any additional questions or concerns, please feel free to send us a message [here!]


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 38 reviews
    Alicia P.
    Absolutely adorable 🥰

    I got this DIY book nook, and now I’m obsessed. It was so fun to put together!! The instructions were simple to follow and everything fit together well with minimal glue used. I love that it comes with instructions as well!! I absolutely love the details. It looks amazing on my bookshelf and I had the perfect little bear figure for it. I have bought so many nook books after this one, but this has been the best out of all of them. It’s so precious, I want to crawl in there so bad. Seriously one of my new favorite hobbies.

    Marie A.

    It was and is hands down the best gift my boyfriend gave me! It’s a do it yourself step-by-step puzzle that creates a beautiful work of art after. It was easy to follow, along with the step-by-step guide. I used my own superglue in order to glue the wood pieces down or the little stubborn paper pieces, but I also use the glue that was provided. I recommend to use a little piece of sandpaper to file down the sharp edges of the wood, but it was very easy and very fun. I will definitely be purchasing many more!!! This a is MUST MUST BUY!

    David & Deanna
    so cute!!

    absolutely love how this came out! I thought I was missing pieces and connected with the niftynesting support kimmy who was super prompt in getting back to me and offered to send me the pieces I needed. I realized I had just misplaced them, but was very appreciative of how quick and helpful they were. the details are adorable and the directions were easy to follow, I would definitely recommend this book-nook!

    Sharon J.B.Y.
    The result is beautiful

    Firstly, it is made of wood! Except for the floor and some of the staircase parts. Therefore, I created a wooden floor with wooden veneers. This kit has a nice amount of 3d items. I also used some of my own, so some of the items in the uploaded images are not in the original kit. Sorry, I didn't like the blue drawer cabinet, so I improvised something else. I didn't use all of the paper flowers and hanging flowers because, personally I don't like clutter. The instructions for the wiring is easy, so for those who may be confused, you have to stick all the black wires together and do the same for the red ones. They must not be joined together. Put in the batteries, switch it on and then touch the switch in the front. The lights should come on. Some of the parts do not join together easily, so take your time and be patient. The finished kit makes a beautiful and calming scene; I love it.

    Christina Goldsby

    I had such a great time making my own magical garden house. It looks like something straight out of a dream!!